Do you really need a real estate agent to buy or sell your home? After all, the Internet is endless, and every penny counts, right?


True, and true. But there are some things you just shouldn’t do yourself.


Buying a home is typically the biggest financial decision you will make, and the process requires lots of time, resources, and even more paperwork. A Realtor® will streamline this experience and offer the peace of mind that comes from working with a professional.


Not all real estate agents are members of The National Association of Realtors®, but those who are must adhere to a strict code of ethics that puts client interests first, demands honesty in advertising, and expects full disclosure of a property’s existing issues or potential problems. Realtors® found in violation of Association policies can face fines, suspension or expulsion.

The Benefits of Using a Realtor

Exclusive Access

Google is great, but there are benefits to using a Realtor® to buy or sell your home. Realtors have access to listings you can’t find through a basic search. They are part of an extensive network and have intimate knowledge of neighborhoods and properties, even ones that are not publicly for sale. Are looking for something specific? A real estate agent can help you find it.

Market and Industry Expertise

Realtors® are gold mines of market and industry knowledge. They know the values of neighborhoods and how those values fluctuate. They have access to valuable local information ranging from school districts and utility pricing to shopping and entertainment.

A Network You Can Trust

Local regulations are frequently updated or amended, and a real estate agent can help you avoid properties needing expensive updates or repairs. Hiring a Realtor® provides you instant access to the network they have been building their entire career. If you need a contractor, inspector, home photographer, furniture rental, or cleaning and landscaping services, your agent can provide you with references to people they know and trust.

A Champion for Your Best Interests

Commission is negotiable, but typical fees can range from 3.5 – 8% depending on the local market. Your Realtor® can better explain your circumstances, but it will be money well spent. Buying or selling a home requires communication and lots of it. Your Realtor® will take and return phone calls, make and keep appointments, handle all of the paperwork related to your sale, and negotiate on your behalf.

Excellent Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is tedious, and it’s wise for buyers to distance themselves from the haggling. Realtors® are skilled in objective negotiation and will consider every option to create the best possible outcome for their clients. If a property needs repairs, agents are capable of advising their clients on reasonable requests and referring them to trusted inspectors and contractors.

Experienced Professionals

Real estate has its own lingo, and Realtors® understand the contracts and various conditions of home sales. They are an excellent resource for advice and industry insight. Your agent will also maintain detailed records of your transaction and can provide these items should any issues arise.

Trust a Realtor®

Home buying is a stressful, frustrating process without a consistent and knowledgeable support system. Don’t let it be a negative experience! Invest your time and money wisely, and hire Duck Brothers Real Estate to help you with one of life’s biggest milestones. We look forward to showing you what Waco Texas real estate has to offer!


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