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As you tour homes for sale in Waco and the surrounding areas, you'll have lots of choices to make. Bedrooms, bathrooms, neighborhoods and school districts are important decisions when searching for a forever home. Dining, shopping, and entertainment are also things to consider. Be sure to learn about the age and characteristics of potential neighborhoods and any problems common to the area.


An important step when buying a home in Central Texas is to carefully check the foundation for any warning signs. Foundation problems are expensive to repair and can seriously affect a home’s resale value. Unfortunately, they are also very common in Texas due to the nature of our climate and soils.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Foundation issues occur when the soil beneath a home expands and contracts from moisture and drought. These fluctuations interfere with a home’s weight distribution, resulting in major structural issues ranging from sticky doors and windows to a cracked foundation.

It's wise for homeowners to invest in landscaping and irrigation to maintain the health of their property. This keeps soil moisture consistent and good drainage pulls excess water away from the foundation. Such maintenance is important because repairing a foundation is costly and only acts as a stopgap to further problems.

10 Signs of Foundation Problems

When touring a home, be sure to check it carefully for the signs listed below. Take a walk around the outside and carefully inspect the walls and floors as you tour the interior. These are good indicators of a foundation problem and can help determine if you need any further inspections.


  1. Stair-step cracks running through the mortar on a brick home

  2. Visible cracks in the foundation

  3. Sagging rooflines

  4. Doors or windows that don’t close properly

  5. Cracks in the fireplace

  6. Cracks in the tile

  7. Cracks in the walls, particularly around doors and windows or at corners

  8. Floors that feel soft and uneven

  9. Molding/trim pulling away from the walls and corners

  10. Nails pushing out of the drywall

If you see any of these signs, enlist the help of a structural engineer to determine the extent of the damage and which repair method to choose.

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