Considering a move to Waco, but just not sure if you will be happy here? Here are 5 aspects of life in Waco that could potentially affect you:

Chip & Joanna Gaines. (Need we say more?) But actually, this couple has made Waco famous, and the city is booming because of it. Having the amazingly popular Fixer Upper show linked to our city has brought in tons of visitors, tons of businesses, and tons of… increased property taxes. Granted, if you are moving here from California, then you are going to think Waco is a bargain, no matter what! But for others, it might come as a shock that the property taxes are what they are, and it seems like there’s no sign of things slowing down.

While Waco used to be a sleepier little town, it’s quite bustling now, and that is both a pro and a con. Locals might find themselves complaining about how traffic is suddenly an issue, or how it’s getting harder and harder to find cheap real estate deals if you’re wanting to flip a house and earn some extra cash. However, the constant influx of out-of-towners is great for the economy, which benefits the locals, too. Besides, how awesome would it be to potentially bump into Chip in the aisles of our local HEB? (That’s a Texas grocery store chain, by the way. If you’re unfamiliar, just wait. You’re going to love it!)

children at school

Schools. The greater Waco area has some amazing school districts. And then there are the others. While we could pull you aside and tell you which ones you’ll want to AVOID, it probably wouldn’t be good form, and who wants to talk poorly about teachers and administrators that are out there every day giving it their all, even if it’s an uphill battle?

That said, you’ll have plenty of schooling options in the Waco area and surrounding suburbs. And if you find the house of your dreams but in a school district that’s underperforming or that doesn’t offer the extracurricular options that you are wanting for your children, you may have the option of applying as a transfer student to the district of your choice. Make sure and do the research before you purchase a home, but know that some districts are open to transfers. Additionally, there are many private and charter schools to choose from.

Chamber of Commerce. If you’re not involved in the world of business, you may not be overly interested in activities of our local Chamber, but as a future Waco citizen, it affects you. You should know that the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce is a motivated, thriving group of leaders who are continually pushing our city to reach its maximum potential. Whether that be through downtown revitalization, event planning, or by recruiting attractive enterprises that will be good for jobs and the local economy: Our Chamber is the greatest. It really is.

Location. Waco proper is home to an estimated 150,000 people, and when you include the surrounding communities, that number increases by 100,000. (Those numbers may have risen even more since the influx of newcomers we’ve had due to Chip & Joanna’s fame.) However, it’s not so big that it has a three-story shopping center, outlet malls, and big city traffic. If you’re wanting more shopping options or missing that stress of being late to work because you’re stuck on the highway, you only have to drive about an hour either north or south to get those big city amenities. (With the advantage of rolling back into town afterwards to recover!)

taco plate

Tacos. We have tons of them. Plenty of delicious options everywhere you turn!

As for what moving to Waco would be like, we can’t predict the future. But what we can assure you is that, in our city, there’s a lot to love. It’s not perfect (no city is), but the PRO’s far outweigh the CON’s. If you’re considering a move to Waco, reach out. We’re Waco-area experts, and it’s our joy to help families find their dream home in our dream city.