Mortgage Application

Duck Brother Real Estate Mortgage Application - We want to save you time and money.  Getting pre-approved is essential on making sure we find you the right home for you and your family! 

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NOT every home out there will qualify for every mortgage available. Meaning, you might find a home that you love, but the lenders underwriters will dismiss it as a possibility for approval. However, they will do so after you spend the time to have the home inspected, appraisals ordered and completed, and movers lined up to move you.  Meaning, you will be out hundreds if not a couple thousands by the time you find out the home does not qualify.  Instead of you spending your money and not getting anything return, we recommend finding out what type of mortgage works best for you and then going out and finding the homes that fit that criteria. 

If you have an approval from a lender, GREAT - just send up the approval letter so we can confirm the homes you are looking at fits the underwriters guidelines.  However, we do recommend always having a second opinion for the mortgage that fits you best.  It does not cost you anything to get a second opinion and it might save you thousands of dollars at the end. 

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